Guatemala Documentation - Trip Manuals



CSB trip manual

24 page Project HANDS protocols and procedures, work in progess, subject to frequent updates

Guatemala Documentation - Forms



CSB clinical history

14 page CSB clinical history, Spanish with English subtitles. Mainly for CSB teaching purposes

CSB consent form (Spanish)

CSB consent form (English)

patient locator sheet

basic patient info above patient's bed for ID

PACU Spanish

Lynda Wrigley's 2 page guide to basic PACU Spanish phrases

anesthesia record

anesthesia record, 1 page

OR nursing record

1 page OR nusing chart based on Delbrook clinic

PACU nursing record

4 pages based on Surrey Hospital PACU record

post-op gyne orders

PACU/post-op generic gyne orders

ward nursing record

2 pages: Page 1 - simple continuation sheet for post-op ward stay. Page 2 - 24 hour fluid balance

patient discharge orders

Generic 1 page patient take home info (Spanish), second page is English translation



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