Who We Are

If you witness a fall, shouldn't you offer your hand?

The scales of the world are unbalanced. While many live with more than they need, others fight to survive on an unthinkable amount of nothing.

Project HANDS is a group of people who want to do their part in rebalancing these scales. Our goal is to provide healthcare, education and other support to those who, by chance of birth, have lives less fortunate than our own.
We are a Canadian-based, non-profit organization.


Our target demographic is any segment of society whose population has minimal healthcare and where many have never seen a doctor, cannot afford to educate their achildren, and live in the most impoverished conditions.

Through our projects we aim to create sustainable changes. We work with th people not for them. We work not to change them but to nurture their own change. We believe this concept is key. Only when we help make lasting changes can we see the scales begin to tip. The steps maybe small at first but they add up, and when we see smiles appear where before there was emptiness, we know we have succeeded and then it is time to move on and offer our hand to somebody else.


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